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Change Your Mind, Change Your Design

At Ahmady’s we want to provide satisfaction guaranteed so when making a large investment it should be worth the time and money spent. We understand things change and people move so we offer a trade policy just for those occasions when things might change. Our 100% trade policy no time limit means that if you change your mind, you can simply change your design! If you move, if you get new furniture whatever the reason no matter how much time has gone by, we offer 100% credit towards a different rug in the event that you need to swap it out. As long as the rug remains in good condition a trade can be made.

Expert Rug Cleaning

Ahmady’s Persian Rugs has been one of Tulsa’s Leading Rug Cleaners for over 15 years. We offer by hand, Expert Cleaning & Repair for ALL types of rugs in our own store. Our professionals take pride in making sure your rugs are cleaned or repaired to an almost good as new state sometimes even better than when first purchased.


Please take a moment to read all about the process of how our professionals accomplish a skilled cleaning to ensure the richness of color & softness in the wool or any type of rug you may have.

In Home Trials, No Obligation

We believe in covering all basis when it comes to making a lifetime investment. We want to provide excellent service all the way to your front door! At Ahmady’s we offer a in home trial that guarantees you will find the perfect rug for your unique style. We will come out to your home and measure the spaces, look at the color patterns and get a full account of what we are working with. We bring you back to the store to help you select several pieces that we know will work in your home and together we help you choose the exact rug that will match perfectly with your home decor. If we cannot match you with something you love, there is no obligation to buy.

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We understand that sometimes a large rug can be difficult to move or transport or maybe it’s just a hassle to move all the furniture to get to the rug.

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