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Ahmady’s Persian Rugs
has been one of Tulsa’s Leading
Rug Cleaners for over 20 years.

Schedule your appointment today by calling 918-392-7847 for expert cleaning or repair services!

We understand that sometimes a large rug can be difficult to move or transport or maybe it’s just a hassle to move all the furniture to get to the rug. At Ahmady’s we want to provide the best service possible which is why we offer our pick u p and delivery service.

We will come to your home and move your furniture to retrieve the rug, give you a no obligation quote and when the cleaning or repair is done we will deliver back to you as well as lay the rug in the exact spot is was before and move all the furniture back exactly the way it was originally. There is no labor involved for the customer and there is no obligation to clean once you have received the quote.

We can even schedule pick up and deliveries on any day or time that is convenient for you. This is a service that is provided free to any customer that lives within 15 miles of our store.

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