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Expert Rug Cleaning

Ahmady’s Persian Rugs has been one of Tulsa’s Leading Rug Cleaners for over 15 years. We offer by hand, Expert Cleaning & Repair for ALL types of rugs in our own store. Our professionals take pride in making sure your rugs are cleaned or repaired to an almost good as new state sometimes even better than when first purchased.

Please take a moment to read all about the process of how our professionals accomplish a skilled cleaning to ensure the richness of color & softness in the wool or any type of rug you may have.

  1. First, we extract all the dust & dirt from the front and back of the rug
  2. The rugs are then wet washed front & back and cleaned with our special solution, each bottle made specifically for each type of rug, able to remove even the toughest of stains, animal urine, wine, etc.
  3. We then hand wash the rug, again, front and back & extract all the water so there will be no chance of mildew or color bleed and then follow up with moth-proofing to prevent any damage from rug eating mouths
  4. Last, the rugs are then air dried sometimes even sun dried giving them a fresh sun kissed look that can last a lifetime

This process can be repeated if needed until the rug is as good as new or close to it, guaranteed.

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